All knives are 100% custom hand made to order by me (I don't keep them "in stock"). Because of the very high interest in my work my waiting list is usually opened once a year for a short period of time. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram (bottom of page) as that's where I will be informing about my list openings. You can also find occasional auctions for some of my knives there. This is the best way to stay informed, I did have a mailing list for quite some time but sometimes the emails just didn't go through or hit the SPAM. Current price and options list will be posted on my website when I start taking orders. The turnaround time is very long unfortunately, usually up to 24 months. I don't take any money in advance. I ship my knives worldwide, shipping is usually $15 to $55 depending on option. For the payment I accept PayPal, and if You're in the EU I can also accept a bank account transfer.

All my custom knives include:

- Poltergeist Works padded pouch (folders)
- paracord lanyard
- custom machined and anodized titanium lanyard bead
- signed card with all the information about the knife
- a Poltergeist Works velcro morale patch
- my signature one piece sheath with an integral belt loop (fixed blades)
- sheaths with paracord neck loops, but a belt sheath is also an option (neck knives)
- LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing defects***

Blade materials/finishes

For my fixed blades I use D2 steel only. It's a great all-round steel and the heat treatment is done in my shop to ensure good results. All fixed blades are coated with KG Coatings GUNKOTE - it provides supreme rust resistance and makes the knife almost completely maintenance free. Colors available are Black and Light Grey.

I use quality powder metalurgy stainless steels for my folder blades - RWL34 and S35VN. Steel choice depends on availability at the time of manufacturing aswell as knife model (flippers usually will be S35VN because of the bar stock width). My main finish I use for all my folder blades is a tumbled finish (stonewash). Bead blasted finish is available for both fixed and folder blades however it will decrease corrosion resistance dramatically.


Handle materials/finishes

I prefer a handle that is strong and lightweight at the same time. That's why my main choice for handle scales is black G10 and Carbon Fiber (folder scales only). Other G10 colors (such as orange, blue, earth brown, olive drab, coyote, NEW- Black/OD Green and Black/Forest Green layered combos) are available but it depends on my supplier and the knife it goes on. Multiple scale surface finishes are available - from plain bead blasted G10 to hand sculpted finishes such as scarification, acid drop and toxic. Choosing the texture please visit my web gallery aswell as my Facebook gallery to look for inspiration. A double titanium construction (a titanium front scale) is NOT AN OPTION on my folders.


Folder technical information

Like my fixed blades the folders are also hand made with no CNC / WaterJet / Laser involved. They are based on the tried and tested frame-lock construction. Locking side, aswell as the lock itself is made of 6al-4V titanium (also known as GRADE 5 Titanium). This is one of the toughest titanium alloys available. Pocket clips are also hand made of grade 5 titanium and G10. Thumb studs are matching with the scales and have a TRITIUM vial insert. I also offer titanium thumbstuds as an option. The backspacer is either a titanium standoff or a full G10 backspacer. I use Nylatron(R) washers and a ceramic detent ball on every knife. Each lock face is coated with carbide to prevent wear and stickiness of the lock, it is also heat treated. 99% of the hardware (screws, standoffs) is custom made specifically for my folders with very tight tolerances, they are not store-bought parts. I design them to fit my needs and even the pocket clips screws are modified by hand.


*P.L.M.S. - stands for Phantom Lanyard Mounting System, it's a hidden lanyard mounting hole utilizing a titanium pin as the mount
**All my knives are 100% hand made therefore each knife is unique.
***warranty does not cover knife abuse (using the knife as a prybar, screwdriver or any other task a knife is not designed for)